Have you ever wished that your home movies could look like a Hollywood DVD? Your wish is our command! With the Reyfye Film to DVD Conversion, you are the star of your own movie. Whether it's a trip to the beach, a graduation or any other special event, relive the memories with a jaw-dropping Reyfye DVD, complete with interactive menus, background audio, customized cases and disc art. Reyfye DVD's are so well done, your friends and family will think they came right from the video store!



Capture the Memories
At the heart of the film to DVD conversion is a high quality, razor sharp, 3CCD camera that produces the finest digtal transfers you will ever see. Your film are beamed into the camera right off the projector and NEVER touch a screen.


Clean Cut
Your films will be cleaned with Edwal's Anti-Static Film Cleaner and an ever so gentle Anti-Static, lint free microfiber cloth. The cleaning process removes any dirt that may have accumulated over the years and will preserve and protect those vibrant colors of yesteryear!


Would You Like to See a Menu?
Reyfye DVDs include interactive menus, complete with photos clips to match your DVD case. The DVD menu also provides easy access to your chapters, so your favorite scene is never far away!



Picture This...
Do you have snapshots to go along with your movie? Why not include them in your DVD. Photo galleries make an awesome addition to any Reyfye DVD. Whether the photos are digital or prints (1), Reyfye can incorporate them into any DVD.


Just In Case
What does a DVD case from Reyfye look like? Just like a Hollywood DVD! Only you are the star! Reyfye DVD's come with a hard plastic case, and a full color, photo quality insert with YOUR pictures and YOUR titles.


Let's Disc-uss
The WOW factor doesn't stop with the DVD case though. Reyfye will take your pictures and titles and create the most amazing DVD disc artwork this side of Hollywood. With all artwork printed directly on your DVD, there's no sticky labels to get stuck in your player. Whether you go for the pristine and simple look, or opt to gussy up your disc, the choice is yours.

Skip To the Part Where...
Each and every Reyfye DVD includes chapter markers that allow you to jump quickly from scene to scene. Chapter markers are set at the beginning of each reel by default, but you can set the markers to five minutes, ten minutes, or anywhere you choose (2). Reyfye's chapter markets will allow you to skip right to your favorite part.


Jazz Up Your Movie...
Care to add music to your home movies? Reyfye can take any CD or MP3 file (4) and set it to play during your DVD. Whether its the latest pop hit or a big band standard, you are the musical director. The choice is yours!
Accepted Formats   Pricing
  • 8mm
  • Super 8mm
  • Super8 with Sound (3)

Only $19.99 per 50 Feet!
($39.99 per 50 Feet for Super8 with Sound)

Minimum Length: 50 Feet

What's Included:
Film Cleaning, Digital Conversion, Custom DVD Case,
Custom Disc Artwork, Custom Menu, Background Music for Menu

(1) Additional fees apply for the scanning of printed photographs. (2) Chapter markers can be spaced apart at any minute interval (eg: every 5 minutes or every 8 minutes).
(3) Additional fees apply for Super8 with Sound conversion. See Pricing chart for details. (4) Reyfye reserves the right to refuse inclusion of any audio material that may be in violation of any know copyright laws.

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